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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 10, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now an overturned tanker has a southbound lanes of i-95 shut down in. part of maryland. let's get details of the accident from melissa mollet. >> take a look at this tanker on its side right now blocking all southbound lanes. we are talking about a six-mile backup right now because of this crash. . you can see it's going to take quite some time to get it out of the way. want to show you some of the backups backups. cars. this is southbound here at 198.
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i'll be updating you throughout the morning here letting you know what's going on. >> right now a group called d.c. fen tack ticks. the group says police unfairly target minorities during police stops. police have died those allegations alts the police chief saying about all of this? >> reporter: well barbara, we have yet to hear from the chief. she's expected to point today. she's about the 18th speaker on the list so it will be awhile before we get to that. the meeting just started an hour ago. there are several protesters inside the council chamber anxious to hear what the police chief has to say. they are questioning a police outs. this is when a team of police officers inside a vehicle jump
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out to approach someone they believe may be involved in some kind of criminal activity. the protesters that group d.c. ferguson says these jump outs target african-americans. the police chief has gone on the record before saying this tactic is outdated that it it is not currently used within the department. some of the people that are speaking at the hearing today argue that's not the case that this still happens today. that's the big issue that is coming before this oversight committee. so we will hear from police chief at some point today addressing these allegations. she will address them, somethingre we're also hearing from demonstrators that have gathered sayi has not forthright with the public. so mark will have more on this throughout the day here on news 4. reporting live richard jordan news 4. >> thank you, richard. and new tha tacoma park man is in serious condition after he breathed in
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too much carbon monoxide. he was going into seizetures in a home around 7:00 this this morning. they rescued him a.e wom is expected to be okay. and prince georges county crews are working to fix a broken water main. it should be repaired by noon today. the main broke early this morning. crews shut down two lanes on northbound route 1 just north of the beltway in college park. and right now we're working to find out what d.c. police discovered during a hazmat investigation in upper northwest d.c. you can see the big response in this video. e fou containers with a syrupy white substance in a home on northwest. that's near connecticut avenue and military road. no one was hurt. this is what's left of a tractor-trailer that caused a train cash in north carolina.
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a train traveling to d.c. and then heading to new york yesterday hit the tractor-trailer stuck on the tracks. one of the train's cars toppled over. federal authorities say 60 people were hurt. members of the farmer family were hg break. >> at impact we were thrown all over the place. >> this is the third serious commuter train crash in less than two months. two deadly crashes in new york and california last month killed a total of 7 people and injured 30. right now montgomery county police are asking for your help to find a missing man. we put his picture and information on the our website so you can share it to help spread the news. the 67-year-old was last seen just before 7:00 last night. his family's worry edied because he has dee immediately. taking a look outside right now, the rain coming down in parts of our region.
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meteorologist chuck bell joins us with how long the rain is going to last. >> good morning, barbara and good morning, everyone. the cloudy skies have moved in over the last couple hours and rain drops have reached many neighborhoods here as of the 11:00 hour. this trend will continue through the lunch hour is and into this afternoon. a big area of rain just out to the west and southwest is pushing ever north and eastward. so rain drops just coming inside the capital beltway. light rain along i-95 fromwood bridge to fredericksburg. still on the dry side but not for long. have your umbrellas ready to go. temperatures made it into the upper 40s in most neighborhoods to 50 in washington right now. and your hour by hour planner for the remainder ofs 50s. showers off to the south for the next hour or so. showers for everybody before turning to rain by 6:00. moderate rain coming our way for this evening and into the
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overnight hours tonight. a steady rain is moving in. still no cold air in sight. we'll have your forecast in a few minutes to talk about a limited amount of weekend sunshine. see you soon. new an news 4 midday u.s. representative donna edwards is officially running for the senate. take a look at this. she launched a campaign web page and released this video on youtube this morning. edwards represents parts of prince georges county in the u.s. house right now. she's running because mikulski is retiring next year. if you're on twitter, you may see the hash tag #notonourcampus today. they are using to to protest the racial video from members of one of their fraternities opinion the fraternity suspended its its members have to leav house by the end of this
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day. ou says it is looking into whether of them violated the civil rights act. it's also investigating a sorority there, which it says may have been involved as well. from the live desk, monitori the firefighters association meeting. the messages jeb bush and jim webb are telling the group. plus the secret service's plan to fly drones in the dist. and we're also staying on top of breaking news.d tanr has the southbound lanes of i-95 shut down in maryland. we'll follow that story. we'll be right back.
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breaking news in laurel. chopper 4 over the scene. 95 southbound right as you're approaching the icc, this overturned tractor-trailer block all southbound lanes. it is juta a six-mile backup. here's a shot of 95 south at 198 and then take a look here. some northbound lanes there also closed here. alternates 29 or route 1. right now on the phone is the prince georges county assistant fire chief. if you can take us through this and the process for you guys a point
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here. >> so after 10:15 or a little before we received a call for an auto accident with an overturned tractor-trailer. they discovered it was leaking biodiesel on 95. our hazardous material crews worked to slow down the leak that we had in that tanker and were working to contain the runoff. additionally they are evaluating the driver for injuries. >> what can we expect as far as the clean up process? something like this takes a a long time. what can you tell folks about what's happening on the ground >> right now the initial actions are to keep the product from going further and spread inging further. onceco they will remove any remain remaining le liquids. >> any idea of a time stamp?
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an idea of how long you think this will be closed? >> it will definitely be a few hours until we can gee complications is once you shut the roadway down it creates gridlock. we have to do some maneuvering with the traffic to get the trucks in. >> paul gomez, thank you for g us. we'll check back with you a couple times throughout the day. i'll take it from there. here at the live desk we continue to monitor the international association of l forum now happening at the hyatt regency in d.c. jim webb addressed the crowd a little earlier. he just got done. we also heard from former governor jeb bush who sent in a video message. >> firefighters embody the best values of our nation, service, comm and
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unapologetic patriotism. >> i stand before you as a lifetime union member. committed supporter of collective bargaining rights. >> both webb and bush there are thinking seriously about a r governor martin o'malley takes the podium this afternoon. new this morning, we're learning more about the secret service's plan to fly drones over d.c. apparently the operation is intended to find ways to find ways to interfere with rogue drones. just last month a man crashed a drone on the south lawn of house. consumer level drones are powerful enough to carry small amounts of explosives. the drones will be flown between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. over the next few weeks. and we're staying on top of that breaking news. an overturned tanker has the
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southbound lanes of i-95 shut down in laurel, maryland. melissa mollet t that crash. we'll bring you more, stay w.
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breaking news once again in laurel. 95 southbound at the icc, overturned tractor-trailer with
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a large biodiesel fuel spill. they are trying to handle that now. lots of crews on the scene. taking a look at the gridlock. 95 south just a mess. they are trying to push everybody off on to 198. we have a six-mile backup. northbound also slow in spots. your alternate is 29 or route 1. going to be updateingen you on this it throughoute going to check in with angie with a developing story at the live desk. what's happening? >> right now, we want to take you live to the national cathedral where the funeral service for the cardinal has begun. john kerry just stepped up to the pulpit sharing some words. and eleanor norton will be speaking as well today. brook was the country's first black senator. he died on saturday. he represented massachusetts,
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but he grew up around this area. actually he graduated from y so a lot of family and friends there to pay their respects today as well. >> thank you. president obama is on the road to promote affordable education. he's heading to atlanta to promote his u america's college promise initiative at georgia tech. the program allows tf commu to students who qualify. he will also announce a student aid bill of rights encourage agencies to help young people repay their student death debts as w> we learned that former secretary of state hillary clinton will answer questions about the current e-mail controversy. joining us is political editor for nbc news mark murray. first, let me ask you about the announcement by donna edwards as she's going to seek the senate seat. >> it's not a surprise. we have chris van hollen and
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donna edwards. the question is who else gets in the contest? a two-on-two this one-on-one race would be interesting. if you see more folks get in that could tilt the balance of power to one or two of these and make them the favorite in the contest. >> would you have expected anyone to have announced this quickly after mikulski's announcement? >> you have to get your ducks in a row right away. . >> hillary clinton has not l so far but she's expected to this afternoon. >> to me it's going to be more interesting on the questions that she ends up getting and the answers that she gives aren't going to be as important as the action going forward. in a lot of ways her being able to say here's how people can get access to my e e-mails to know i wasn't hiding e-mail from congressional folk investigators or anyone else. by doing something like turning over her server to the state department and saying here is a
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fair arbiter of the e-mails, she can allow starting her defenders and democrats to say hillary clinton is taking action to put this in her rear view mirror. i'm going to be looking forward to the actions she's proposing. >> some people have suggested she turn over her server. you think that's in the cards? >> so she's taking action that satisfy's people's curiosity about the e-mails. she ha e-mails. the question is are there other e-mails that she hasn't turned over? >> how did she do in the nbc poll? >> democrats universally are backing her. 86% will support her bid for the presidency. only 13% say they wouldn't. almost universal support from democrats. so winning over democrats isn't her problem. >> we'll talk tomorrow about hows faired. for more from mark and the rest of the nbc news political team check out first read on in just about an hour a
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bipartisan group of senators are expected to take a big step forward for medical marijuana in the u.s. three senators will introduce a bill to end the federal prohibition on medical marijuana. patients doctors and businesses in states that have already legalize ued medical marijuana could then participate without fear of federal prosecution. republican senator rand paul who is considering running for president is one of the bill's sponsors. mothers in virginia can now breast-feed their children in public places. the governor signed a bill into law. a mother of three helped push for that change. the law will take effect july 1st. now there are only two states e country, idaho and south dakota where mom cans not legally breast-feed in public. we're also staying on top of breaking news. an overturned tanker has ti-95 shut down in laurel maryland. melissa mollet is staying on top of that crash and we'll bring you more when it comes in. stay with us.
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breaking news on 95 and maryland. we are talking about southbound lanes at the icc. this tractor-trailer is across the road here. fire rescue says they are trying to clean up the biodiesel that spilled because of this crash. all lanes shut down. take a look at this right now. 95 south at 198 completely
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jammed. same thing when you're looking at northbound lanes. some lanes totally shut down because of this crash. alternates will be 29 or route 1. >> thank you. you s letter from a familiar company is landing in a lot of local mailbo looks like a big payout. >> the check is $1,995.15. s that good-looking check. it has my name, my address, it has my zip code on here. >> the check is in the mail. but shoul do about it? tonight at 5:00, erika gonzalez sits down with a my quest. it's one of the latest scams targeting consumers tonight on news 4 at 5:00. if you thought entertaining yoe r sno days was a major task wait until you see this story. harry smith has a wild tale. >> reporter: if you think you have had had a rough winter check this out. a bald eagle in pennsylvania
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provides a perfect example of parental perseverance. deep in the nest are two eggs. no way, no how was that bird beginning to leave that spot. and to think ben franklin wanted the wild turkey to be our national symbol. as we have complained about too many snow days in the digging out of cars and driveways across the country eagles have beenht s and pesky predators. in iowa one day it's an owl. on another a raccoon. eagle parents divide the labor, both male and female take turns on the nest. and once you start wat hard to stop. die hard eagle cam viewers are called eagle-holics. the warmer weather brings hope the worst of it is over. we will look to see the eggs hatch in about two weeks. harry smith, nbc news. we're staying on top of breaking news. an overturned tanker of i-95 shut
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down. melissa mollet is staying on top of this. stay with us for more news on
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okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. and dough that rises naturally. with no chemical leaveners. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. no other pizza tastes like freschetta because no other pizza is made like freschetta. and try great tasting gluten free freschetta. ask for it at your local store. breaking news on 95 in maryland. southbound at the icc. an overturned tractor-trailer has all southbound lanes blocked because of this cleanup and response. because of this biodeeiesel spill
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here. we wan of the traffic kind of behind this. 198 we're talking about a six-mile backup. crews are trying t folks on to 198. we have maryland state highway on the phone. we're taking a look at the scene. it is a big mess that's going to have to be cleend up. what are your cr what's the process here throughout the next couple hours? >> that's a great question. we have this overturned tanker truck blocking off the southbound lanes and northbound is also blocked. so what we do is try to manage the traffic as best we can with the detour route, which is northbound 95 off on 212. you can work yourself over to route 1. they have adjusted timing to give the traffic a little more green time to facilitate a better flow. traffic is being diverted on to maryland 198. so your best bet today is to plain and simply do not go near
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i-95. if you have to, take the beltway around up to i-70 and then head east. and maybe even 295, u.s. 1 or 295 also good detour routes. try to avoid 95 at all costs. >> all right, thank you for joining us. good information ob on the detours. we'll be updating folks throughout the morning. ri is the stand in the trial of the boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the agent is being questioned about a r former al qaeda leader and a reference to dying young. also in court today jurors saw images the note he wrote inside the hull of the boat where he was captured. the note said quote, there is no god but allah. meteorologist chuck bell joins us now to talk about the rain how long is it going to be with us. is it falling in the district?
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>> it's just starting to reach northwest washington. there's a f drops on the camera lens. this is going to continue for the next several hours as rain continues to overspread the entire area between now and 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. so that big spill on i-95, i'm sure they have the absorbing kek calls on it now. that will be important cg and fast. reagan national a lot of the ice is starting to diminish. good riddance to the grip of old man winter. 50 degrees at reagan national. not much of a wind to contend tt will remain the case for the rest of the day. temperatures in 40s in nosh maryland. 43 in front royal. 50 in washington. that's the warm spot. 46 at clinton. 45 in st. mary's county. 41 in annapolis.
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temperatures aren't going to budge much. we might go up a couple degrees before the rain really starts to set until and once it does you're going to need the raincoat and boots for the rema. need them tonight too on your tuesday night and you'll need them tomorrow morning. hometown forecast in virginia today, showers already in place. up to 54 for a high today. temperatures in the mid-40s. rain ending early tomorrow morning and mi60s. look at that big fetch of moisture out of the gulf of mexico pointed straight into the deep south and parts of the ohio valley. that's coming our way. rain is moving into atlanta. if you're changing planes later have a delay o or two there. briefly moderate rain north of the roanoke area. rainfall amounts a tenth to a quarter of an inch. you can see the rain drops
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overspreading the beltway and going right ups baltim so this is the trend we're going to have. if you need to see the radar once we're off the air, have our weather app ready to go and it's in the palm of your hand. future weather going forward starting at noon through 5:30 light to briefly moderate periods of rain coming in. the heaviest and steadiest of the rains are li eveng between 9:00 tonight and 3:00 tomorrow morning. here we are at 5:00 a.m. still lingering rain showers across much of the area. so overnight rain could be heavy at times and could cause ponding on the roads. wake up time tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 40s with rain drops. they won't last all day. temper 60s tomorrow. rain should be out of here by lunchtime tomorrow. a brief warm-up tomorrow afternoon aftern at least the day on saturday. today the family of a prince georges county police officer u who died in a crash is preparing
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for his funeral. he will be laid to rest this thursday in temple hills.s also a wake tomorrow afternoon. he died in a crash this past weekend. police say he drove into a fence while trying to stop a speeding car. new video today shows the dangers of riding the metro drunk. this video from last week shows a man stumbling on the platform. he appears to be trying to board a train but fell between two rail cars. second later the train started moving. another rider last described what happened next. >> the train rolled away and it seemed like it was taking forever to leave the station. we all walk up and look over the metro says if you go out and one of your friends can't walk properly it may be better to call a cab or uber. a former d.c. fire inspector admitted that she cheated taxpayers. she told a judge that she is
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guilty of swiping her taxpayer funded purchase card to buy $11,000 in gasoline for her personal car. her story was first revealed by the news 4 i-team. >> anything you can say about this case, ma'am? >> take a take a hike. >> she left her job shortly after her arrest. she'll be ordered to pay back $11,000 to the government. though she could fn sentenced in may, attorneys discussed the possibility of probation only in her case. the wiki foundation will file a lawsuit today. the foundation that runs wikipedia is accusing the nsa of violating the fourth and fifth amendments by using upstream surveillance. that surveillance allows the nsa
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to collect internet data that comes from users that communicate with non-u.s. persons if it relates to national secur say it may include communications by its staff and users. we are staying on top of breaking news. we have been telling you about an overturned tanker on i-95. we will contino folw this and bring you more information as we learn it. stay with us. we'l
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breaking news maryland 95 southbound at the icc is completely shuttle down. we have a six-mile backup because of an overturned tanker and a large biodiesel spill. going to be hours as they try to clean this up. pat collins just arrived on the scene. you have a pretty good vantage point. what are you seeing and hearing? >> reporter: it's an incredible scen we on a bridge overlooking 95 southbound south of 198 as you look down the road you can see that a tanker has spilled over on to the road. there is some leakage there of what we think is biodiesel fuel. traffic is backed up for miles. they have another tanker here trying to off load the fuel
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that's left inside the overturned tanker. in the meantime they have dammed up the road to keep that fuel from spilling further down the road to try to contain this hazmat situation. there are scores of emergency response teams from various counties here on the scene. this happened about an hour ago as this tanker was coming down 95. again, south of 198. it tipped over and then the fuel inside the tanker began leaking out on to 95. 95 southbound at 198 has been jut just shut down. miles as they try to clean up the scene. but that's going to take some time as they still have some fuel on the roadway that they have contained. they still have to offload the fuel that was left on the tanker and then they have to clear the
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debris and that overturned tanker from the roadway. we expect this delay to go on for hours as they work this scene here on 95 south of 198. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, pat,w are moving out there. meanwhile, how we see the things around us has been a colorful topic recently. a lot of you were going back and forth on whether this dress was blue and black or white and gold. anna swanson from "the washington post" joins us to talk about that. she's written an article on it and can tell us why we see it differently. this is crazy, anna. >> it is, yes. to me the dress wa black. i'm not sure about you. >> i agree with you. why do some people see it as white and gold? >> i think what was going on with the dress is that it was kind of an optical illusion. and even scientists found this kind of puzzling.
11:43 am
but it turns out when we look at an object our eyes try to subtract the lighting around it. if you look at an apple at noon or dusk it still looks red to you. there's something going on with the lighting and exposure. >> that's amazing. in your article you talk about how from the way we see them. i'm looking at this spectrum here. i think the one at the top is how you say humans see color when we look at the rainbow is point of the article is the way we see color is determined by our physiology but our eyes and our brains. so the first image at the top is the way a bow. it turns out what a dog sees when it looks at a rain bow is quite a bit different. they just see yellow and green and blue. what a butterfly would see is much more complex. >> than what we even see. we can see that from the
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physiology of the eye. but how do you know how a dog sees the color? >> that's a very tricky question. i think scientists have looked at the cone cells in the eyes of humans and of dogs and humans cone cells to see three colors red, green and blue where dogs just have blue and yellow so they are not able to distinguish colors in shades of red red. >> it's very int or it. i'm glad you agreed with me anna. thanks a lot. it's great to have you with us. >> thank you very much. let's go to pat collins on the t overturned tanker on i-95 leaking fuel out there. what can you now, pat? >> reporter: barbara, it's still a working scene here on 95 south of 198. an overturned tanker with biodiesel fuel. the fuel spilled on to 95.
11:45 am
there's another tanker here. they are trying to off load the fuel. joining me now is paul gomez with the prince georges county fire department. what can you tell me? >> this morning we received a report of a tractor-trailer s side. it was a gasoline tanker. we dispatched hazmat units out to the scene. they located what you see here as a tanker on its side leaking a biodiesel fuel and a section of that truck was leaking. hazmat crews were able to patch the hole to slow the leak and are working to retain the runoff. >> reporter: was anyone injured? >> we evaluated two patients but both of those will not result in a transport. everything was mine injuries. >> reporter: the drivek is okay? is there any danger to the community as a result of this spill?
11:46 am
>> not at this time. we h eva out. this product is a combustible product so it's not near as volatile as gasoline would be. >> reporter: how long before it's all cleaned up? >> the clean up will extend for days on some of it but in terms of opening the roadway it's gomez with the prince georges county fire department. again, we're looking down here at this tanker that tipped over on 95 south of 198. it had biodiesel fuel. there was leakage on to 95. they are trying to clean that . they brought in another tanker to siphon off the rest of the fuel that was inside. they say there were two people with minor injuries. no one has to be transported, but it could take some time before they have this all cleaned up and before they can open 95 southbound here. we're keeping an eye on things. we'll have more at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. back to you.
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>> thank you, pat collins, reporting l
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breaking news once again. 95 southbound approaching the icc. take a look at this for a second. tractor-trailer across the road totally shut down southbound and northbound is what crews just told us. looks like on the left side of
11:50 am
your screen a little traffic might be getting that's an onramp not 95. a six-mile backup approaching that icc there. going to be hours here to get this cleaned up. it's a biodiesel leak. they are sighphoning it out. the delays will remain throughout much of the afternoon. really nasty here at this point this morning. >> thank you, melissa. in news for your health, we're talking about obsessive compulsive skin disorders. dr. cheryl burgess is here to talk about it. some are pulling at their eyebrows. tell us about that. >> some people will pluck their eyebrows and pick with their hair like this. those are obsessive compulsive behaviors that it's kind of at a
11:51 am
reasonable but repetitive type of motion that you do with certain things biting your nails, we see all of these things occur with a lot of dermatology patients. >> can people pull eyebrows out? >> you can and it can lead to permanent hair loss. that's why we try to work with a person with obsessive compulsive behavior. sometimes it's changing the behavior and a lot of times they may have to see a psychiatrist or go on medications for that. but there are topical preparations that we can do to help enhance eyelash and eyebrow growth. >> people will pick at their skin. >> all the time. so acne, when i see that, i have to make su to trt this patient. they may have to go on something like medications because it's something that will be a little bit more curative for their acne versus controlling it so there's nothing on their face to pick. >> they are picking because
11:52 am
there's acne there. >> there's something there yes. so that sometimes a solution is to treat the condition and then therefore the obsessive behavior decreases. >> awareness is probably the first step in getting a cure. >> it's very common. it's a very common issue. >> thank you so much. chopper 4 is live over the breaking news. take a look. a tanker is lying across i-95 in the area. we're watching this closely and keep you updated throughout the day on all our platforms. in other news a local kuch l encountered a
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breaking news 95 southbound still completely shut down because s roadway. northbound lanes also closed. the traffic you see here coming off a ramp. southbound approaching the icc we're talking about a six-mile backup. avoid it. take something else do not get on 95 towards the icc. it's going to be a mess as they try to clean up the fuel spill. a local couple encountered an unexpected magical moment on their wedding day, but it led to a big regret. theyg go back and
11:56 am
fix it and need your help. news 4 talked with the couple. >> reporter: life is filled with great gifts and one of them is serendipity. as they discovered on their wedding day. >> it turned out to be one of the most beautiful moments of the day. >> reporter: that moment occurred as thn at the iron gate inn. they wudden a man approached us on the street and he began to sing to us. he started to sing "isn't she lovely." his voice was beautiful and he was very passionate. she was just a great mood and wanted to share his talents and his gifts with us. >> it was very touching and kind of warmed our hearts that day. >> reporter: the strane he asked us if we could provide him with any financial assistance as he had to sing for a supper.
11:57 am
>> reporter: but wedding attire doesn' a change and their planner was you shall rushing r that day it hit them they should have invited him to the reception. when they went back out he was gone. >> it's something that weighs heavily that i was in a position to help somebody that day and for whatever reason i just didn't think. >> we'd like to find him and thank him and in some way whatever that might be. i think i would recognize him again if we were to interact with him. >> reporter: he's an african-american man in his 40s wearing a brown suit. he had a beautiful voice and a beautiful spirit. know who he may be let us know. >> we have shared that story on our facebook page. please share it so we can find that man who they have never forgotten. time for a fe foreca. rain drops have move edd into most of the area. that rain is here for today, this
11:58 am
evening and tomorrow morning. but tomorrow afternoon and thursday look great. more chilly rain drops for friday friday night and through the day saturday. i don't have a chance of rain on sunday. keep in mind there may linger into there, but for now, we're being optimistic. this is news 4 midday. thank you for joining us. stay with us on our app and our facebook and twitter pages as we watch the developments that will play out on i-95. traffic is expected to be a mess all after
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>> jennifer: good morning. hey, you're up bright and early. i thought your first class wasn't until 11:00. >> jj: i didn't get much sleep last night. >> jennifer: yeah, me neither. >> jj: and--and abigail left for work. >> jennifer: since you didn't get a lot of sleep does that mean that maybe-- >> jj: i was thinking about paige and me. 'cause yesterday mom, before you talked to eve, i thought it was all over. and today, i'm thinking maybe it's not. thanks to you because i might still have a chance with her. >> jennifer: are you sure that you're not having doubts? 'cause i've been doing a lot of thinking, too and-- and the risk involved. >> jj: i know. it could blow up sky high if eve doesn't keep her


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